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Elite Adventures is a private  premise  lifestyle club

We hold our events on select Friday's & Saturdays of each month at various local Private On Premise/Lifestyle/Swing clubs or Hotels located in the Western & South Western Suburbs. Our Parties have certainly become a haven for both new and old swingers, nudists & nature lovers from near and far.

Amenities include:

  • Private and Open Rooms with King Size Waterbed

  • Private Beach 

  • Bar BYOB (we provide ice & mixers)

  • TV's, Private Outdoor Smoking Area (420 friendly)

  • 2 Washrooms 

  • Massage Table  

  • Tree House with Zip Line

  • Above-ground Pool & Hot Tub

  • Outdoor Play Areas Under the Stars 

  • Off  & On Street parking  

  • Full Buffet, Dessert Table & Midnight Munchies at each party

  • Fully Sanitized After Each Event following using the most current protocols

contact us with any questions

Johnny & Lisa


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house rules

  • YOU MUST RSVP and be on the list to attend!!!!


  • The location must never be given out ...please give out the phone number instead.

  • “NO THANKS , MEANS NO” . Anyone being intrusive can not remain in the party rooms . NO disorderly, rude or obnoxious conduct will be allowed and the person or couple may not be invited back.

  • Please watch your alcohol intake. Unruly or DRUNKEN BEHAVIOR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. You will NOT be invited back if this happens; besides, this kills the mood for YOUR enjoyment.

  • Every thing we do is legal SO NO ILLEGAL DRUGS or prostitution of any kind are permitted on the premises!! Anyone found using or having ILLEGAL drugs will be BANNED PERMANENTLY from the parties.

  • SHOULD YOU HAVE ANY DISAGREEMENTS WITH YOUR PARTNER DURING THE PARTY, YOU SHOULD LEAVE (TOGETHER), FOR EVERYONE’S SAKE. Arguing takes away from the mood of the party and may cause you to be BANNED (ESPECIALLY IF YOU  LEAVE YOUR PARTNER AT THE CLUB). So it is important to discuss your specific rules set with your partner before the part.

  • Couples must arrive between 8pm and 10 pm for a night evnet/party , UNLESS PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS  HAVE BEEN MADE. After this time, the gates/doors will be closed. First time couples need to arrive between 8 and 9 pm to allow for time for a tour, prior to announcements.

  • Closing time is 2am Not 3 NOT 4. Please respect this as there is turnover/clean up time after closing & event host/staff does not appreciate working until 5-6AM because you do not leave. Please gather all belongings bring them upstairs and exit no later than 2:30AM.  Anyone leaving after 10 pm cannot re-enter without prior permission from HOSTS OR CO-HOSTS.

  • Do not disturb people behind closed doors.  Show them the same courtesy you expect.

  • Couples MUST arrive and LEAVE together. (You will be blacklisted for all clubs in our area if you leave your partner behind!)

  • Bring your own bottle and mark it ( B.Y.O.B.) DO NOT USE SOMEONE ELSE’S ALCOHOL!!

  • NO audio tapes, video or cameras, allowed. They will be confiscated and you will be liable for damages. If you must have a cell phone, use on main floor only.

  • NO cheating or stealing of any kind is allowed.

  • NO one is obligated to participate in any activities!!!

  • NO food , drinks , or smoking allowed in the bedrooms ! Smoking is allowed in designated areas only.

  • Cleanliness is a must. The bathrooms are fully stocked for your hygienic needs.

  • NO type of business ventures on premise or selling is allowed. That means, absolutely NO prostitution allowed.

  • NO glass containers are allowed outside  in the pool area. Please try to bring aluminum or plastic containers or covers for your bottles.

  • No lifeguard on duty, swim at your own risk. NO diving in the pool. There is no deep end. 

  • The dress code is Business Casual, or better & occasionally themed. If you MUST, blue jeans are OK but only if they are not holey, dirty, ripped or ragged. Please, also note that NO baseball hats are to be worn during the party at any time PER THE OWNERS REQUEST.

The First and  Foremost rule is ASK BEFORE YOU TOUCH!! & NO means, NO!  Saying NO should be respected PERIOD, whether it’s on the dance floor, in the barroom, or in a party room.   In a group room, it’s a little more loose but proper etiquette is still to ask before you touch anyone ever.  There are many reasons one may say no, do not take it personally, just move on.   If you find someone will not take no for an answer, please let the Host know so they can take action if needed. Follow this simple golden rule and you will have pleasant experience. Everyone has the right to refuse. If someone says, “No.” take it graciously and walk away. No amount of nagging or stalking will get them to change their mind and after all there are plenty of fish in the sea. 

Ladies do tend to rule the situation at the parties, so guys . .  make sure your lady and the other ladies feel safe, secure and happy & you will have a wonderful time.  If a lady feels uncomfortable, chances are neither you nor she won’t have a good time, and you probably won’t get her to come back. Also one of my best analogies...There is absolutely no reason to run and jump off the cliff to get into the can simply walk along the beach and stick your toes in any time your other words don't rush it.

Be courteous & kind.   Treat others, like you want to be treated. It will get you further in the long  run.  Be personable, strike up a conversation with a complete stranger, what is the worst that can happen? Don't be shy.

It is best to talk to couples as a couple. Talking will set everyone at ease & let them know what you are into and looking for. If you are new to the lifestyle, it is absolutely OK let them know if you just want to watch and enjoy the atmosphere. If you make the effort to talk to people, you will be fine No one bites unless you ask them too!

Please arrive as a couple and leave as a couple. It is rude to leave your partner and you probably won’t be invited back.

If you have a disagreement that can not be settled within a few minutes,  it is best to call it a night and go home. Making a scene at the party, tends to get you not invited back & private discussions are best kept private. 

Touch base with your partner through out the evening. Make sure both of you are comfortable and enjoying what is going on around you.

Cleanliness is a must. It’s a social situation and good grooming is well advised.  You can always freshen up in any of our five bathrooms that are well stocked for your hygiene. 

Dress to impress.  You are going out on a date, so to speak. First Impressions count!!  Dirty jeans & shirts are a turn off.  You may always dress with the theme of the party if there is one.

Do not over drink at a party. It kills the mood for you, your partner, as well as the other guests. You want to remember all the things that you are going to see and do.  If you have to drink to be there, the club/lifestyle choice is not the place for you. 

If there is a problem, tell the hosts right away,  for example, opening doors, missing liquor or not taking NO for an answer.   They truly want to know so that they can correct the situation before it becomes a problem or if need be ban a fellow guest from future parties.

Don’t touch without  permission! If you want to touch someone, kiss them or grab their butt, or whatever, you need to introduce yourself and ask permission first. You need to ask the person you want to touch. Not their spouse, their friend, or anyone else. And remember, just because you had permission one time, it does NOT mean you have permission another time.

Take time to talk to all sorts of couples. Even if you don’t hit it off with someone& want to be with them, they may be the key to meeting someone else that you do. 

Vegas Rules Apply!! What happens at the parties, or club, stays at the party. What you see and do must remain private. People that were not there, do not need to know. Any information given out must remain private.

And lastly, ALL ROOMS have a garbage receptacle.  Please us them accordingly.


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